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Tips and tricks : Rugs maintenance


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Make sure to rotate your rugs to ensure even wear. Regular cleaning will prevent fibres from being worn down by dust and dirt.


  • Do not expose rugs to direct sunlight as this will cause discolouration and fibre degradation.


  • Dislodge dirt and debris from your rugs and carpets using your vacuum cleaner's mechanical brush. One quick aspiration is sufficient for long-haired carpets in order to avoid damaging the loops.


  • Place felt pads under furniture legs and move furniture pieces occasionally to avoid compacting the rug fibres.


  • Immediately repair all damaged rug fringes and edges.


  • Do not steam clean your rugs. Professional services include beating rugs, cleaning with water and mild soap, a gentle spin cycle and a quick drying suspension technique using controlled temperature.


  • Store your rugs by rolling them and adding mothballs. Do not store rugs in a basements where insects and mites can damage them. 


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