The Lagom trend


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Enjoy a measured life

Lagom is the combination of pleasure and sustainability: on the one hand it is a question of avoiding waste and saving resources, and on the other hand, being limited to the essentials in order to focus on the bright sides of life. By consuming in a reasoned and reasonable way, we can get out of the intensive and impulsive consumption mode, which helps to take a step back and wonder what really matters to you.

Lagom in interior decoration

The foundation of this trend is based on restraint. With as little furniture as possible and as much decoration as necessary, you create a relaxed, airy atmosphere. Light colors dominate while sporadic details accentuate the decoration. Carefully chosen textiles add more to the whole. Natural elements are also very appreciated. A few seashells that bring you back to the beaches of your childhood, a herbarium with your favorite plants in a simple setting arranged on a sideboard or a layered mixture of sand, earth and pebbles in a glass vase are perfectly suitable for the look and spirit of this trend. Indeed, you can create these objects yourself and these will have a real meaning for you, a story to tell.

The Lagom trend essentials

The basis of this interior style is to favor clean furniture, inspired in particular by Scandinavian design. With sober shapes, lots of wood and white, you can create the perfect combination for a minimalist style and a comfortable setting. For the choice of furniture, it goes without saying that quality takes precedence over quantity.

Decorative objects appreciated for adopting the Lagom style are plants and home accessories made of natural materials such as wooden bowls. Consistent with an ideal of sustainability, the Lagom followers attach great importance to artisanal work and recycled materials. To honor this style, it is important to realize which decorative objects really matter to us and which can be set aside. Each element must have its reason to be, a value to the decoration and the atmosphere of the room, so that you feel good there. The key is to know not to accumulate trinkets on your shelves, you just need to sort them!


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